Ultreya & School of Leaders

Ultreya & School of Leaders

           The Cursillo begins with the School of Leaders and from it comes the Secretariat.  Their combined effort is to present the Cursillo weekend.  Thus the School of Leaders has been and will continue to be an indispensable element for the continuity and development of the Cursillo Movement.

           The term School is used for a good reason and it is a mistake to understand it as a place where some 'teach' and others listen. Rather it is to be understood in terms of a School of thought, a place where all opinions have value, where each one brings their own insight and together the participants come to a unity of purpose and understanding. We also need to look at the term 'Leader' as used in the Cursillo context. By virtue of our baptism we are called to be Christian leaders, people know and understand this. It is no different in Cursillo; we are called to be no less. In the Precursillo we look for those individuals who, often unaware, possess natural leadership qualities and then through the Cursillo Weekend facilitate their making the Three Encounters. Bearing this in mind, it is obvious we are not talking about Leaders in the Cursillo but rather Cursillo Leaders, i.e. those who using their natural qualities, and now living in Grace, are empowered to live their Christianity in the environments.

           The School of Leaders is to be the 'nuclei of reflection' on what Cursillo is and what it can or should be, in every aspect of the method, i.e. Precursillo, Cursillo Weekend, and PostCursillo.

           The purpose of the School of Leaders is to accelerate the living of what is fundamental for being a Christian in each of its members as individuals and in the Cursillo Movement as a whole.

           It is to gather a group of people who, having or desiring to have the genuine mentality and understanding of Cursillo, know that they must be transparent in all their being and their actions in both the School of leaders and in life.

           The Columbus/Phenix City School of Leaders meets on the third Sunday of each months at 2:00 pm in the at St. Patrick's Church in Phenix City.


Ultreyas for the Columbus, Ft. Benning and Phenix City Cursillo Community are held on the first Sunday of every month at 1:30 PM ET in the parish hall at St. Patrick’s Church in Phenix City, AL.  All Cursillistas and anyone interested in learning more about Cursillo are urged to attend.

If you would like to host an Ultreya in your parish, contact Bob Spano or any member of the School of leaders.

Ultreya!" is a cry of encouragement. It means "Keep on going!" or "Onward!" The role of the Ultreya is to link Christians together and it‘s theme is transforming the world for Christ.  Ultreya is a function of the Cursillo Community.

The Cursillo Community of Columbus, Phenix City and Fort Benning encompasses all of west central Georgia and east central Alabama. All of the Cursillo group reunions gather and are revitalized by sharing with others and new Cursillistas are welcomed into the larger community. All can find support through the sharing of one another's experience of living with Jesus Christ and additional spiritual guidance is available.

The Ultreya is Christ Centered and concentrates on Jesus working within each of us to bring the whole world to Him. Any committed Christian should be able to feel comfortable at an Ultreya, finding strength and courage to take Jesus Christ back into the happenings and environment of everyday life.

All committed Christians are welcome.


Schedule variances

· June School of Leaders moves to June 24 because of Father’s Day.

· The July 1 Ultreya will be a family BBQ. Plan to spend the afternoon in a celebration of family and community.

· The September Ultreya will move to September 9 because of the Labor Day holiday.

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