Spiritual Counseling

Are you trying to grow in your relationship with God and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life? Then spiritual direction is what you should pursue.

Spiritual direction, as the name implies, is primarily about the spiritual life…your relationship with God and the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life, growing in happiness and joy with God and the important people in your life.

As a spiritual director, I understand that the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with God. My intent is to guide you in having a deepening intimacy with God. Together we will explore God’s presence, voice, and activity in your life. It is for people who wish to make a journey of faith and discovery of God’s will in their lives.

We meet two times a month and through compassionate listening see how you are doing and how you can continue drawing close to others and to God.

We will discuss how your prayer and devotions can help God become intimately close to you. From the riches of the Church’s heritage, we will talk about time-tested ways of growing close to others as you draw close to God. I will help you find how life’s losses can become steppingstones to new beginnings.

The Difference between Counseling and Spiritual Direction

Usually, unhappiness or a precipitating crisis brings people into counseling. They come seeking relief from some brokenness in their life, hoping to solve their problems and make things better. Clients come with pain, shame, guilt, abuse, addiction, relationship dysfunction, or suffering from poor self-image.

Spirituality, in contrast, involves a longing ∙ In spiritual direction, however, people typically come because they are feeling an inner hunger or longing, sometimes not knowing for what, but it is experienced as a spiritual need.  Many describe it as a yearning, an ache, a call of the heart or soul for more meaning, or for a closer connection to God or Spirit in their lives. Spiritual direction can help you begin the journey of a lifetime.

Melodies of Joy
Cynthia Hoover

Spiritual Direction with Cynthia Hoover