Serving Columbus, Phenix City, Fort Benning and the Surrounding Communities.

Tri-City Cursillo

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School of Leaders

"The School of Leaders is a group of Christians who seek to be more committed and more united in order to accelerate the living of what is fundamental to being a Christian. This on-going unity is brought about in a climate of Group Reunion. These Christians seek a continual improvement in themselves, in the Cursillo Movement and in the environments in which they find themselves." The School is not designed to create leaders. The School is designed to accentuate the Cursillo Movement, because of the leaders that are there. (Taken from the Cursillo Leaders' Manual, page 49)
The Columbus/Phenix City School of Leaders meets on the third Sunday of each months at 2:00 pm in the parish hall of St. Patrick's Church in Phenix City.





The next Ultreya for the Columbus, Ft. Benning and Phenix City Cursillo Community will be held on Saturday, June 17 in the parish hall of St. Patrick’s Church in Phenix City at 9:00 am. A potluck breakfast will be at 8:30 am eastern time. All Cursillistas and anyone interested in learning more about Cursillo are urged to attend.


If you would like to host an Ultreya in your parish, contact Bob Spano or any member of the School of leaders.


Ultreya!" is a cry of encouragement. It means "Keep on going!" or "Onward!" The role of the Ultreya is to link Christians together and it‘s theme is transforming the world for Christ.  Ultreya is a function of the Cursillo Community.

The Cursillo Community of Columbus, Phenix City and Fort Benning encompasses all of west central Georgia and east central Alabama. All of the Cursillo group reunions gather and are revitalized by sharing with others and new Cursillistas are welcomed into the larger community. All can find support through the sharing of one another's experience of living with Jesus Christ and additional spiritual guidance is available.

The Ultreya is Christ Centered and concentrates on Jesus working within each of us to bring the whole world to Him. Any committed Christian should be able to feel comfortable at an Ultreya, finding strength and courage to take Jesus Christ back into the happenings and environment of everyday life.

All committed Christians are welcome.

Applications to attend a Cursillo or to serve on a team for a Cursillo in the Archdiocese of Mobile can be downloaded from Mobile  or by contacting the School of Leaders


For applications in the diocese of Savannah, contact the school of Leaders


All applicants for a Cursillo must have a sponsor.


Events and Retreats: Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat


A Journey With Mary in Faith and 100 Years on Holy Ground

May 19 – 21, 2017


A weekend focused on Mary and how her experiences relate to our own. The weekend will consist of presentations on Mary and our 100 years on this holy ground and the pilgrimage activities. On Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, we will have the celebration of the Anointing of the Sick and Benediction, followed by the pilgrimage to the Grotto. If you are coming for the weekend, please register and send a deposit as usual. If you are coming for the pilgrimage Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m., please call to let us know who is coming. There is no fee for the pilgrimage or Anointing.